Workshop One

Social Quarterly Planning Sessions

Get your next 3 months organized during these 3-hour free planning sessions.  Come prepared with your planner, schedule, calendar, and any other resources or documents you need that will help you to plan out the next 3 months.  This is a virtual deep focus session that will be guided using planning suggestions at the top of each hour followed by 50 minutes of quiet and focused work and then a 5-minute break.  We go through 3 rounds of this, and by the end of the 3 hours you will be ready to tackle the next quarter and reach your goals!

Thursday, June 22nd from 9am-noon EST

Friday, September 29th from 9am-noon EST

Wednesday, December 20th from 9am- noon EST

Workshop Two

Productivity Power Sessions

These are monthly 2-hour blocks of time where you can focus on whatever you need to get accomplished.  These power sessions provide you with the commitment of accountability so you are more likely to show up, stay focused, and tackle your tasks!  We will break for 5 minutes halfway through and share what we plan to accomplish during each hour.

Friday, September 22nd from 10am-noon EST

Wednesday, October 18th from 9am-11am EST

Thursday, November 16th from 9am-11am EST

Friday, December 8th from 9am-11am EST