Erin Clemens


Providing time management and productivity skills workshops & consulting for a more productive, effective, and enjoyable life.

Let me help you be more productive and focused with your time.

Do you have too many items on your “TO DO” list and not enough hours in the day to get everything done?

Are you juggling work, parenting, appointments, tasks, and then don’t have time for yourself, leaving you feeling drained, frustrated, guilty, or unhappy?

Are you trying to be “all the things” to “all the people” as a parent, significant other, caregiver to aging parents, employee, business owner, volunteer, and all your other roles?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s TIME to take control of your life, get a solid system in place to manage your daily tasks, meet your goals, and enjoy life! 

 Time Management 101 is the course for you!

During this LIVE virtual course, you will learn the strategies you need to make TIME work for you.  You will learn how to use the Full Focus Planner System as your main guide to manage each day.

What you will learn:

During this LIVE virtual course, you will learn the strategies you need to make TIME work for you! 

You will:

  • Take a deep dive and discover WHY taking back your time is important to you 
  • Learn how to create goals that are measurable, actionable, and achievable 
  • Network and share with others who are experiencing the same feelings 
  • Learn how to organize your day, week, and quarter using the Full Focus Planner System 
  • Use strategies and systems that will move you toward your goals each week 
  • Become more intentional and purposeful about how you spend your time 
  • Break bad habits and create new routines that will streamline your days 
  • Improve your ability to get and remain organized 
  • Feel a renewed sense of energy and happiness in your life!

This introductory class is being offered FREE to kick off 2023 (normally priced at $149)!

Upcoming Sessions

This virtual class meets for 3 sessions, each with 50 minutes of instruction and guidance, and then 10 minutes of Q&A at the end.

NOTE: To get the most out of the class, you will need to
purchase the Full Focus Planner. 

winter 2023 Session- FULL

Check back for updates!

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About me:

I have been a pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years working in various settings.  I am the owner and CEO of a busy private practice where we provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services located in Woodbridge, VA. 

About 10 years ago I found myself struggling to keep up with all the demands of some very time-intensive roles: being a mom to an adorable toddler, growing my practice while still treating children as a clinician, creating and teaching pediatric content as an adjunct professor for a community college, assuming the role of president for a non-profit professional association, volunteering, and somehow finding time to spend with my family and friends.  All of these roles equated to about 3 full-time jobs!  

The truth was that I enjoyed everything I was doing, but what I didn’t realize was that it was causing a lot of stress in all areas of my life and was not sustainable. 

The sense of overwhelm and stress only grew as the time went on.  I was neglecting not only my family, but myself. 

The struggles and challenges were that I didn’t want to let go of anything I was doing because I enjoyed it all, but yet I knew things had to change.  That’s when I decided to deliberately focus on baby steps in order to dig myself out of the hole of never-ending task lists and devote myself to taking back my time!

Today, I am able to work less hours, increase my productivity, meet my goals, and spend time doing the things I want to do!  I have time every single day to read, work out, and enjoy being in the present moment.  Each year I get to try out a few new hobbies I’ve been wanting to do by making them part of my personal goals.  

Did I mention I’m able to do this while also expanding my company?  That’s how I’ve also been able to offer my knowledge and expertise so I can share all these strategies with YOU!

Join me in the journey to free up your time and make each day productive and full of purpose!